The Directive Collective

Unlike most footwear design consultants that only provide raw design, The Directive Collective offers integrated product and brand design services. 


It’s easy to think a creative project is all about meeting design, time, budget and market needs. But there’s more. All projects play an important role in the strategic direction of a brand, company or product. Not just product design. Not just giving “creative direction” for others to do the work, but being creatively involved in all aspects of the product to focus the direction of the brand. 
This is The Directive Collective.

Working in tandem with existing in-house resources, suppliers and product lines, The Directive Collective will ensure a smooth product integration and hand-off of final deliverables and samples.

We can also develop brands from the ground up, establishing new business, creative, and positioning strategies and product.

For each unique problem there is an unique solution. 

The Directive Collective is based in Toronto, Canada and works with an international selection of clients, colleagues and suppliers.



+1 647 802 3472

The Directive Collective
31 Brock Avenue
Studio No. 106
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 2K9