Studio & Services Guide

The key to successful product design and development is a structured, well-formed design process. Specializing in an integrated, strategic design method, The Directive Collective effectively manages all projects from design brief to production with a single vision of creative, branded focus. 

The Directive Collective specializes in providing creative process management to match available time, budget and resources goals.

From concept design to branding, technical development, graphic design and marketing, we provide all services as a part of a well-managed, integrated approach.

Starting with the creation of an overview schedule and planning tool, an integrated creative problem solving process is further developed in-sync with related sales, marketing, design and development departments.

Throughout the creative process, sketches, technical drawings, presentation materials and product samples are efficiently managed using proprietary practical planning tools and standardized methods.

In addition, thanks to our extended Collective network of global creative professionals, we are able to draw upon fresh resources on-demand for all types of specialty projects, technical needs, and challenges.