Richard Kuchinsky is the Principal, Owner and Directive Creator of The Directive Collective.

With an extensive experience of over 16 years in the footwear industry Richard Kuchinsky has driven the creative design and development process focused on integrated branding and innovation.

Previously, Richard was Footwear Department Manager for hummel International A/S based in Aarhus Denmark and is credited with developing the Footwear Product DNA Strategy and company-wide “Character” concept. 


Richard is also the creator of First Pullover, a footwear resource blog offering a unique insight and perspective to the design/development process from footwear concept to production. 


Richard is also highly involved in design education and advocacy, lecturing and leading workshops on design practice, innovation and strategy. He is currently a contributor, mentor and moderator at Core77. Richard was previously the Chair for the National Design Collections Committee.

Richard believes that good design does not exist in a contextual vacuum, but rather, it is the personality of the brand that serves as the foundation for the emotional relationship between object and owner.

Richard is an avid Marathoner and road runner.