FAQ - The Directive Collective

*For start-ups and new brands, we recommend you refer to our FAQEntrepreneur Concept — (“I Want to Start a Footwear Brand....Now What?").


Q. What services does The Directive Collective provide?

A. We can provide a wide range of strategic creative services, including but not limited to — strategic positioning (for new and existing brands), branding, identity design, footwear design and specification, technical development and commercialization, graphics, packaging, and POS design.


Q. How do you work? How much will it cost?

A. Every client and project is different. 

As such, we create completely custom, bespoke proposals for each new project that ensures we meet the individual needs and targets for each client. In this way, the process is also as efficient, effective and economical as possible. If you want photorealistic renderings, great, we can do that. If not, why pay for it and waste time providing something you won’t use? Costs vary depending on what kinds of phases and deliverables are required.

When discussing new projects, we find the following process is the most efficient: 

  1. Initial contact to discuss the viability of the project and general scope*. 
  2. If we are one the same page, we will ask for more specific details of your needs. For example — How many uppers? How many outsoles? Do you need specifications? Technical Development? The more you know exactly what you need, the better. If you don’t, we can help suggest what you may need as long as you have enough information on your goals and targets. This helps us create that custom proposal for you.
  3. Based on your needs, we will create a proposal that will outline all phases, deliverables and terms, as well as schedule if applicable. Proposals are broken down per phase with hourly budgets accordingly, but projects are invoiced based on fixed costs. In a large project with many phases and deliverables, this provides the most efficient working process so we can spend time designing not looking at the clock. If, during a project the scope or deliverables change, changes to the budget will be addressed at that time. 
  4. We also offer Synergy Discounts on proposals that reflect the involvement of several creative services (ie. shoe design as well as development, graphics and packaging) or bulk needs (ie. design and development of an entire collection). 
  5. We consider all proposals a starting point for discussion. Once you have received and reviewed the proposal we can further discuss how to best start the process and any adjustments necessary to fit your time and budget needs.


Q. Will you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). 

A. Yes, if need be, we have no problem signing a confidentiality agreement. You may provide your own or request our standard document by email.


Q. Do you make, sample or sell shoes?

A. No, we are not a footwear sample-room, factory or wholesaler.


Q. What type of shoes can you design?

A. Pretty much all kinds. Our experience includes design and development of shoes in a wide range of categories, price points and for different geographic markets. 

Some of the categories we have experience in include; technical running, cross training/fitness/cheerleading, football (soccer), indoor, hiking/trail/outdoor, snowboarding, sandals, basketball, kid’s athletic, casual and ‘brown’ shoes, lifestyle and action sports, vulcanized and premium sportslifestyle. 

If you have an inquiry regarding a specific type of footwear, please feel free to ask. If we can’t help, we’ll try to direct you to someone who may be able to do so.


Q. How can I see more samples of your work and process?

A. Please go to WORK and/or download our Studio & Services Guide .


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